Sunday, March 13, 2011


i promise. every day i am couting the blogworthy things my kids say and do. it is sitting down to blog them that proves challenging. i am just building suspense.

i can always count on charla for a laugh.

today in primary the leader asked the kids what their plans are for spring break this week. charla raised her hand and i was curious what she would say since we dont have any plans. i guess she has made some...

apparently we are going to the store to buy some carrots for the easter bunny.

then yesterday...

for some reason we explained to charla that our presidentas name is barack obama.
charla screwed up her nose and said...
that sounds wierd.

a couple days ago....

i took gregory and charla with me to run an errand. as we left our neighborhood chharla decided we needed to name our house. after all we have named our van cici and freds car traxx.

charla wanted to name the house darlene and gregory insisted we name it love. then inspiration struck.

it must have been inspired by my german heritage. we decided to combine both names. so now our house is named lovene.

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